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I have been creating and written my own one-liners since 1996. I call my one-liners – Hillisms.

My very first ¨Hillism¨ was created after a romantic night with
my girlfriend, at that time, ¨Oligopoly is like sex – two persons doing it and if it is boring, they invite one more¨.

This “Hillism”, like all of my one-liners, just beamed up from my heart to my brain which gave instructions to my hands to write down this “funwise” reflection.

Since that night, I have created, published and written more than 1000 “Hillisms”. My one-liners are my own experiences
and reflections on love, relationships, work, leisure, politics and economy. Although my “Hillisms” comes from my own roller coaster life – they are universal. That means that anyone can read them and have a thought, a laugh or, at best, both.

I´m published through the largest media company in Sweden – The Bonnier Media Group.

My one-liners have been distributed in many different contexts:

  •  I have read my “Hillisms” on the radio.
  •  The one-liners have been printed on caps, T-shirts and       fridge magnets.
  •  I have published two books in cooperation with a cartoonist       – to make it even more fun.

More Fun Than Macho -
published 2008
Funcalendar - published 2012
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